Charles H.W. Edwards

Chair – Education and Research Committee


Charles Edwards joined the NC Department of Transportation in March 2016 as the Director – Logistics Strategy. His work includes freight logistics planning, working with planners on freight related issues, and developing logistics solutions for North Carolina companies. Edwards was previously the Executive Director of the North Carolina Center for Global Logistics. The Center was dedicated to the expansion of logistics education program from high school to graduate school throughout the State of North Carolina.

Edwards began his career in the logistics industry as a truck driver. He was on the senior management team of the North Carolina-based airline that started United Parcel Service Airlines, helped introduce an innovative container to the international airline industry, managed a commercial airport, led the development of the world’s largest air vehicle, and has been a senior advisor to public and private aviation and logistics projects in the United States, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and the United Arab Emirates.

He holds degrees from universities in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. He served on the faculty of the Darden School at the University of Virginia and has been a guest lecturer at universities throughout North Carolina and New Mexico. He is a frequent speaker and writer about aviation and logistics topics. In 2010 h e co-authored Transport Logistics: The Wheel of Commerce and is a contributing author of the MHI sponsored Material Handling & Logistics Roadmap 2.0 (2017). Mr. Edwards hosts the UNC-Chapel Hill – Tsinghua University Logistics EMBA program in Dubai and is co-developer of the Air Cargo Professional Development workshop program of The International Air Cargo Association. He also serves on various international and US logistics industry boards.

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