Executive Working Sessions

TIACA Board members will host a series of working sessions designed to give a platform for each section of the air cargo supply chain to discuss innovation and debate challenges.

The round tables will focus on airlines, airports, cargo handling, freight forwarders, and shippers, with the results of the discussions presented by the session moderators in a drive to look for ways for TIACA to help find solutions and new ideas to work towards a better industry.

Turhan Ozen, Turkish Airlines, Pascal Belanger, Winnipeg Airports Authority, Dr. Khalfan Al Shuelili, Oman Aviation, Neel Shah Jones, Flexport, and Dennis Choumert, European Shippers Council.

Most TIACA members are only active in a part of the logistical chain therefore are not always aware of the issues faced by other stakeholders.

Also individual members, active in the same field, need to find a way to better work together, to discuss and solve industry-specific topics, while being supported by TIACA.

To give members this opportunity to work in subgroups but also, as an organization, better understand the needs and requirements of subgroups of members, we are organising these roundtable discussions.

Today, more than ever, problems and challenges need to be tackled cross-company and industry-wide and on day two of the conference, we will feed conclusions of all five roundtables into the Summit, and the Board chairman, Steven Polmans will make a summary, which will help shape future TIACA strategy.

(A) Airlines
(B) Airports
(C) Cargo Handling
(D) Freight Forwarders
(E) Shippers
(F) Sustainability Working Group – New! For existing and Future Sustainability Strategic Partners